We want you to become a professional chef in your own house or anywhere you want and let your creativity soar!

Projects team

The Team of this ambitious project has a great predisposition towards innovation, towards problem solving, with a great passion towards technology and the food world.
All this is corroborated by a strong and tenacious will to proceed in the realization of what is proposed, with the awareness of one's own professional skills. The fact of having already built a working prototype, of having obtained a patent for an industrial invention, of having experts in the sector within the team, is a guarantee of reliability.

Founder and builder of Haura. He has extensive experience in mechanical and electronic prototyping, which he has been able to apply to the world of cooking thanks to the collaboration with chef Dario Zuliani. This collaboration has allowed him to develop an in-depth knowledge of management in the kitchen environment. In particular in the context of operations where needs and difficulties common to various Chefs emerge, regarding the need to have a high level of automation in the kitchen for manual and repetitive mixing, supervision and preparation activities in general.

The long collaboration with the Chef has also allowed him to assimilate all the mechanisms of elaboration and realization of healthy and fresh food and its conservation.

Andrej Sossi Cofounder

In charge of IT and IoT functions of the project. He has many years of experience in IT and entrepreneurship. In 2004, he founded with other partners the company DOTCOM, which operates in the field of information technology. In addition to business management he has been involved in all aspects concerning the IT sphere listing exhaustively: design and maintenance of the company's network, VPN, development server, and production server with emphasis on performance and IT security; for the various projects he has occupied roles as manager, analyst, designer, programmer, and maintainer. The projects he has overseen or developed cover several different areas both operational and technological. The key feature that will be exploited in the project is the ability to create flexible and expandable software for future functionality. This will give the present project totally unprecedented potential in the culinary field with the implementation of the F-OS (Food Operative System) operating system and the NETchef platform.

Bidoli Federico Marketing manager

Web designer, Seo and freelance marketer has gained several experiences in strategic and operational marketing for small companies and start-ups. An expert in market research and skilled in public relations, he aims to take care of all aspects of digital communication - website and presence on the main social networks - in order to create interest in the nascent product and its launch on the market.

Dario Zuliani Chef

Is a professional chef, an expert in international cuisine who has gained his experiences on cruise ships and is currently operating at a renowned restaurant in northern Italy. His experience is the source of instruction for the Haura machine. His contribution will be particularly helpful in the activities inherent in the translation of traditional recipes, to innovative "Food Applications" as well as all the planning, verification, process control and quality control activities that will be implemented on Haura. The professionalism, the experience, the active and operational presence of this figure will enable us to achieve the ambitious results we have set as our goal for this project.

Matteo Pressacco Associate Engineer

He has a background in mechanical and materials engineering with extensive experience in academic research (UC Santa Barbara) and the aerospace industry. Currently his role is to manage the development of Haura internationally with the purpose of finding partnerships for the production and growth of the company.


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