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Haura is a fully automated and fully customizable Italian-made tabletop cooking machine, capable of producing and cooking any type of food, food product, meal and dish thanks to a new patented process that embraces the advantages of traditional cooking at home, with a keep an eye on the effectiveness and speed of industrial machines for food production.

Documentation preparations are underway for 3 more patent applications.

The machine allows the integrated management of complex processes involving several processing stages. This is thanks to a self-cleaning system that allows almost total removal of processing residues, allowing you to pass from one step to another using the same container.

Haura is able to perform all the functions of the most advanced food processors currently on the market, with higher performance thanks to the use of innovative technologies capable of equaling the level reached by machinery used in the industrial sector.

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The machine uses a patented technology that simulates industrial cold drawing, thanks to a system that avoids overheating the product. In auger drawing systems (the only ones that can be used at home), the phenomenon of reflux arises: most of the amalgam pushed by the auger towards the extruder tends to flow backwards, generating high heat which pre-cooks the product. The novelty of Haura's technology compared to that of traditional food processors lies in the fact that the dough is not subjected to overheating, with consequent alteration (pre-cooking) of the finished product.


Haura is able to implement a more efficient amalgam stringing process than traditional food processors. The machine subjects the dough to a process that simulates manual processing, preventing the amalgam from remaining anchored to the hook. This process allows the amalgam to rise better and to obtain a soft finished product like the industrial one, allowing you to easily make products that are difficult to work at home such as the production of dough for pizza dough for different types of bread, sweets, panettone, for which usually the industrial product is chosen.


Traditional food processors equipped with this feature are generally characterized by a cooking process that involves the use of the specific container of the robot, typically deep and wide and not suitable for all types of food, such as eggs or various meats.Haura is equipped with a container which, thanks to its movable bottom, is able to obtain different capacities and adapt to different types of preparation.

The temperature control system is also able to carry out the most suitable cooking with respect to the type of preparation and type of ingredients.


Thanks to the possibility of tilting the container up to 90°, Haura can autonomously empty the food directly onto the plate without dirtying spoons, ladles or spatulas.

Thanks to the possibility of obtaining a tilting shaking movement of 90 degrees, Haura also allows you to obtain herbal infusions at a temperature of 32°. In fact, the slight shaking creates sediments which lead to obtaining a preparation with a thick consistency (a sort of cream), which can then be consumed directly or further concentrated through the machine, to be stored and then diluted again at a later time.


As far as cheese is concerned, and more generally the processing of milk and its derivatives, the machine, through an innovative mechanism capable of exploiting the centrifugal force, replaces the repetitive manual activities typically required in these processes and drastically reduces machining, increasing accuracy. The evacuation times of the whey are reduced, which is also optimally calibrated according to the type of cheese to be obtained. Furthermore, the temperature and humidity are optimally managed by the machine.


Thanks to the extrusion system, the machine allows the preparation of some products (such as sausages, cheeses and puff pastry) which are not made by traditional food processors and which usually require a very long and complicated process if handcrafted at home. With Haura these products become easily and quickly achievable.


Haura was born to grow. The elaborations of amalgam and foods are carried out by the machine with the help of some accessories. Other accessories have already been created as demonstration prototypes, others still only imagined. Haura's technical skills allow for the creation of countless accessories. We also want other manufacturers to join the project and create additional accessories, limiting themselves only to their own imagination.


Haura is in the Internet Of Things (IOT). Thanks to advanced electronics, a 10'' Haura touchscreen monitor is a real kitchen desktop. Like a PC, it is able to perform complex operations by monitoring dozens of information coming from the sensors and guarantee processing of a food with the result always at another level by adapting to the real conditions of humidity, temperature, etc. How a PC is able to improve and update itself by connecting to the new NetChef web platform.


The product will make use of a new software (F-OS food operating system) for machine management. It will allow Haura to be used as a modern household appliance, surpassing the current food processors. Functions such as manual preparation, automatic preparation, timer, music playback, mobile phone messaging, remote preparation monitoring, etc. they will finally be part of the kitchen as they are already part of the other rooms in our house.

Real programs that will contain the know-how on ingredients and operating procedures of the machine for the realization of the finished product (including the type and intensity of movement). The F-Apps will also contain a series of interactive screens that will indicate and guide the user in preparing the dish. Thanks to the F-Apps it will therefore be possible to replicate the product always at the same extremely high level, without the operator needing to know cooking techniques.

The NetChef platform will be the central repository for F-Apps. By analogy, one could say that NetChef will be what Google Play or the App-store are for smartphones. Each F-App will be present on the platform with a presentation image, name, description, details, etc. NetChef will have a section where the user can choose the already acquired F-Apps to start. Another section of NetChef will give you the ability to search for and acquire additional F-Apps. This section will provide a search filter system to be able to select F-Apps based on the name, available ingredients, execution time, etc. The platform will also allow users to interact by exchanging content relating to food applications, dietary courses and entertainment, based on a new social and interactive way of conceiving the kitchen.

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