With us the kitchen
becomes smart
Our skills
Haura saves space and time, freeing the kitchen from routine and other machines. It allows you to plan and adapt your menu thanks to its new F-OS software that offers all IOT functionalities.
Haura system FOS - Food operatig system
Net Chef Food App
smart kitchen
Smart Kitchen Desktop
  • All in one
  • Plug&Play
  • Make & Cook food
  • Preserve food
  • IOT technology
Benefits of technology at the service of food
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Provides a finished product
  • Healthy and fresh food, without preservatives and additives
  • New form of sociability

With Haura nothing will be the same as before

Choose the best experience in the kitchen

future of haura

What Haura can do for you

  • Make food automatically

    It is equipped with innovative software (F-OS) and interconnected like an IOT device. Thanks to patented hardware and intelligent software Haura produces finished food without the need for human intervention.

  • Cooking food without knowing any techniques

    The new Food Applications contain all the knowledge of the preparation. You only need to enter the ingredients and you don't need to know anything else to use Haura.

  • Home cosmetics

    Many cosmetic creams derive from natural products. With Haura you can prepare creams and other cosmetic products starting directly from edible raw materials. Thanks to the software and mechanical skills Haura is able to prepare cosmetics free of chemistry and without excessive expenses.

  • Drink and cocktails

    Shaking, swirling and mixing is a bartender's art. Haura also knows the art of drinks.

  • Cold infusion

    High temperatures and pressures are required to extract the active ingredients from plants. Cold infusion preserves all the active ingredients but requires constant movements for hours. Haura can handle a full slow shaking program for hours thus ensuring an excellent product without loss of key active ingredients.

  • Storage for preservation

    Haura can prepare small portions or large quantities of sauces and other products. Thanks to the patented extrusion mechanism it is possible to fill sachets of sauces without the risk of spilling the product and store in the fridge to save time and money.

  • Dietology

    By means of the various sensors, Haura can check both the quality and the quantity of the product. You can easily follow diets without having to use scales or other auxiliaries. With the NetChef platform you can also save your data to be able to verify them or send them to your dietician.

  • Social objective

    NetChf, in addition to being a reference platform for Haura, will also offer a new social network. No longer just virtual, but based on the objective reality of the food we prepare.

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