There is not a more accurate test of the progress of civilization than the progress of the power of co-operation.
(Johan Stuart Mill)


An ambitious project needs ambitious people. A startup has many things to develop, test and demonstrate. To reach high levels, not only invention and ideas are needed, but also a solid network of partners, professionals in various sectors, who can make a valid professional contribution. For these reasons Haura has searched and found other realities already present in the industry and academia world that can and have contributed to the realization and validation of the various segments of the project.


OptionFactory is a software development consulting firm that helps you gain a market advantage through software by providing fast, secure and reliable solutions that fit your business environments and support innovation.

For entities that are growing very rapidly, they can work together to boost performance optimization and platform scalability, continuous integration and delivery pipelining within software development, coaching on the principles of development management using Agile methods.

They have extensive experience in designing and implementing stand-alone and SaaS solutions for automation, remote management, self-caring, quality management, monitoring and validation, integration with third-party software, and reengineering.

They are a passionate team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have long embraced the principles of lean development to ensure the delivery of a continuous stream of value, from the first moment of any project. With highly available and resilient systems, they create the conditions to experiment freely, even in domains of high uncertainty.


MQUADRO was founded in 2008 as an electronic engineering laboratory specializing in the production of professional systems and services for tracking and monitoring people, mobile vehicles and assets on the ground.

To date, the company provides mobile tracking, monitoring and data acquisition products and services for the Oil & Gas, Environmental, Safety, Industrial and Automotive sectors. Since 2012, this core competency has been complemented by consulting, development and third-party engineering of embedded electronic devices for applications in a wide variety of industries (from medical to industrial/environmental monitoring).

The hardware and software tools are aimed at system integrators and professional end-users who need to monitor their own activities, acquire data from distributed facilities, mobile vehicles, and active operators on the territory by displaying them on a map and extrapolating records for their own analysis and verification.

They are able to customize products and solutions to the customer's specific needs, following and supporting them in the implementation of their system in the field and over time.

For 40 years, Vaccari Mauro S.r.l. has been working as a trusted partner in industrial assembly for third parties. The experience gained over the years has thus enabled it to expand its industrial activity by opening up and diversifying into sectors, including different ones.

Constant research and development of different projects, even outside the traditional fields of work, is a challenge and an opportunity for the company to acquire new skills.

The quality of workmanship, the enhancement of the Made In Italy manpower, the high degree of technical competence, the respect of deadlines and the peculiar management of emergencies characterize the production process guaranteed to the customer.

MarMax is the ideal solution for those who want to develop the prototype of a new product or to carry out small series production.

Services include various 3D printing solutions for the first prototype and the possibility of making a series in final material by milling or vacuum casting (rapid silicone molds).

In the absence of a drawing or CAD model, they help make it according to specifications; if they want to take over the geometry of an existing object they can survey them with an optical scanner.

R & D

Spin off of the University of Trieste.

Provides consultancy to companies for product improvement in relation to fluid-dynamic processes.

The company was established in the academic environment with the aim of performing the transfer of research know-how developed in the university environment to the business world. The company is differentiated in the operating environment by its constant internal research activities and the spirit of critical analysis with which it succeeds in facing technological challenges.

The process of technology transfer (TT) from the University to the business world takes the form of intellectual property protection activities, patent management activities, particularly through the signing of licensing agreements, research activities and provision of services on behalf of third parties to companies and entities outside the University, as well as support activities for new entrepreneurial initiatives that arise in the form of spin-offs.

Support is provided to faculty and researchers in patenting, intellectual property exploitation and spin-off creation activities. It also includes all liaison activities with the business and economic world in the area of technology transfer of academic research results.

Creating links between the worlds of research and business, promoting collaboration between the public and private worlds and fostering the development of innovation processes capable of fueling the growth and competitiveness of territories. These are the main objectives of Area Science Park, a national research and innovation organization that celebrated its first 40 years of activity in 2018.

Over the years, Area Science Park's activities have increased, become more differentiated. Alongside the management of the multi-sectoral Science and Technology Park, three other lines of activity have emerged and strengthened - over time: process innovation, the generation of innovative enterprises, and the development of high-tech infrastructure.

Specialized expertise in the areas of innovation, infrastructure and instrumentation of the highest level for industrial research activities, and advanced training of human resources are today the peculiarities of Area Science Park, strengths that the entity makes available to economic systems at the regional and national levels.

Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico is a technology park located in Friuli Venezia-Giulia that has been involved in technology transfer and business development since its founding in 2002.

Today, the Park is an incubator of potential new companies (in fact, the Technological Pole is a MISE-certified incubator), mostly innovative ones, to which it provides tools, skills and resources for the assessment of technological, commercial and economic feasibility of business ideas.

In addition to offering services and support for project management and for the development of technological studies to implement products, the Technological Pole accompanies entrepreneurs in facing the digital transformation required today by the fourth industrial revolution, through the identification of technological and financial resources essential for the development of their innovative project.

Through its network of expertise, the Pole is able to provide various services to its community of companies, professionals, start-ups and institutions that share the desire to innovate.

Bio4dreams is a certified incubator of very early stage innovative startups in the Life Sciences, helping exceptional people to enhance the products of their scientific research, working with all stakeholders in the innovation supply chain to create sustainable, pragmatic, long-lasting and international business paths.

Distinctive character is the ability to think outside the box: they want to create a supranational innovation ecosystem in Life Sciences and be a reference point, a beacon for entrepreneurial ideas.

Going beyond the classic definition of a startup incubator: they follow the entire development path of the individual project-not just a phase-and not just integration with innovation players but integration into a broader ecosystem.


Bonucchi e associati srl is an SME-friendly consulting firm with a structured core and a network of related professionals.

The main fields of activity are consulting and service provision focusing on export and internationalization. Consultants are specialized in marketing and overall business development. They also operate from offices in Malaysia and Singapore where they also offer services as Temporary Resident Export Managers. All professional staff members have extensive experience as business managers and as freelance consultants.

Mast, through the experience of its team, provides the community with a range of Professional Creative Services.

Mast deals with: Events, Promotion, Graphic and Web Design, Publishing and Conferences. The complementarity between the services, allows to propose viable solutions, both for small needs, such as the design of a brand or the layout and printing of a leaflet, but also for the design and implementation of initiatives/events with a strong social impact, while remaining competitive in costs. Each job is taken care of by professionals capable of producing products that represent the Client's being to the fullest.


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